Knock'n Arduino Shield

Knock'n Arduino Shield

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The Knock'n Arduino shield allows simple hookup of the classic Escape Room Knock puzzle. No more messy breadboards -- This shield features a full screw terminal breakout of all I/O to expand the device to even more interactions! 

The device contains:
  • Breakout of all I/O
  • 1x Dry Contact relay allowing you to drive custom voltages up to 4 amps
  • 1x Screw terminal pair for easy piezo hookup
  • 1x Momentary program button 
  • 2x indicator lights 

Compatible with standard UNO and Mega hardware!

This board is built around a modified version of Steve Hoefers Instructable. 
The modified code can be downloaded here.



What Piezo Do you recommend? 

Where is the code?